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Who we are

The Nova Group Investments is a European investment group with participations in a variety of industries and a geographic focus on Eastern Europe with a special emphasis on Romania. Since its foundation in 1982, TNG has completed more than 40 transactions with an aggregate enterprise value of more than Euro 500 million. The firm’s success is based on the depth, breadth, and experience of its investment team who come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from positions as strategy consultants to specialists in corporate finance.

TNG’s relationship with its portfolio companies is generally long term. We commit our own capital to every transaction and partner with experienced firms or local senior managers, who invest a portion of their own capital in the business. Our portfolio companies assume prudent levels of debt that enable them to invest for growth and weather economic downturns. Our investment professionals adhere to the highest ethical standards, and our growing presence is built upon a philosophy that embraces the cultures of the diverse sectors in which we operate.

Why The Nova Group Investments?

In today’s competitive investment market, financial power alone has ceased to be sufficient for competitive advantage. At The Nova Group Investmensts, we do offer more just funds.

Local Knowledge

Our heritage lies in local country-based operations. With a strong track record in investments in countries like Romania we can judge well the perspectives of a business and what will make it thrive.

A sector-based approach

TNG has a consistent approach to investing. The focus is on business fundamentals and on understanding of products, markets and people. We learn with every acquisition and use this knowledge to the best of our portfolio firms.


Every investment opportunity has its own optimal approach. We try to understand the needs of all the stakeholders involved in the transaction and devise the best solution possible.

Value Creation

The Nova Group acquisitions take many forms – be it acquisition of assets through corporate divestitures, development of family businesses or operational improvements with industry professionals.

TNG’s deals share some basic features: We provides equity and borrow money for the acquisition of a business with predictable cash flows and a strong growth perspective.

Our unique expertise in Eastern Europe allows us to leverage the best resources for the business in this challenging environment. We work with our portfolio companies to design and execute plans for improving operations. Over time we exit our investments through IPOs, or sales to strategic buyers.

An advantage of TNG ownership is that the managers of our portfolio companies need not concern themselves with the short-term perspectives of the financial markets. We do not focus on quarter-to-quarter results but instead on building businesses over the long term.

Over the long term, effective ownership and management of a company leads to benefits for all of its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the community. The success of world-class companies depends on these same constituencies. TNG encourages its portfolio companies to invest in each stakeholder group. Employees, for example, should be trained in ways that prepare them for better, more demanding jobs. And we encourage our portfolio companies to contribute to the communities where they operate.


During our 20 years of history we have tried to select our investments following on simple rule: long-term sustainability. We don’t take short-term perspective in our investments. A major advantage of TNG ownership is that the managers of our portfolio companies need not concern themselves with the short-term perspectives of the financial markets. We do not focus on quarter-to-quarter results but instead on building business over the long term.

If you want to sell your business completely or if you’re looking for a strategic partner – we are certainly an option you should consider. Please contact us.

Financial Services

ASTRA ASIGURARI is Romania’s biggest full-line insurers by gross written premiums (GWP). Founded in 1991 it has witnessed tremendous growth and professionalization after it has been taken private by TNG.  ASTRA ASIGURARI has written premiums  worth 1.110 billion RON in 2010. It has a very solid financial standing with solvency capital of  192.712.534 RON.

The company entered the Hungarian market in the fall of 2010, opening its branch ASTRA BIZTOSITO in Budapest, where it began subscribing MTPL, property insurance and Casco insurance . The company has adapted the online sales portal to the neighboring market, creating

In Romania, ASTRA is market leader in property insurance (over 1.5 mil customers) and in the MTPL market (over 1 mil customers in 2010). It holds a dominant position in the airline and marine insurance markets. With a strong foothold in P&C lines, Astra also wants to deepen its position in the life insurance market.

With over 270 territorial units throughout the country, providing over 60 types of general, life and health insurance, ASTRA Asigurari has full territorial coverage, undertaking responsibility for the safety of its clients.

Moreover, ASTRA ASIGURARI is the company that has paid the largest claime in the history of Romania’s insurance, for the Tarom aircraft Boeing 737-300 traveling to Sharm El Sheikh on 30.12.2007. ASTRA paid to TAROM the insured value of the aircraft, amounting to USD 10,000,000, as well as USD 432,400 consisting of expenses for the movement of the wreck.


Medien Holding, is Romania’s youngest and arguably most dynamic media group in Romania. Its mission ist o set a nationwide standard for quality information on the Romanian media market. Its portofolio includes: Romania libera newspaper and, Hiparion Publishers, whose portfolio includes 4 Home & Deco magazines, one B2B magazine, the specialized website and Caminul de 5 stele TV show.

Founded in 1877, Romania libera stands for 134 years of credibility and independence. With a new design and editorial concept, it positions itself as a top quality newspaper. Guided by the motto “live printed daily” Romania libera is it complex dynamic, and close to the reader., the web platform which stands for speed, interactivity, diversity and an innovative approach, in the multimedia section. The website is a perfect combination between fast, concise information and meaningful articles over 6.500.000 hits/month and over 700.000 unique visitors/month.

Hiparion Publishers represents a trademark on the Romania home & deco magazines segment. With more than 10 years of experience and tradition in decoration, construction and interior design, its editorial products are among the top choices for over a million readers.
Hiparion Publishers portfolio includes: Caminul magazine, Casa Mea magazine, Domus , Planul Casei Mele magazine, Revista de Unelte si Echipamente magazine; Caminul de 5 ***** TV show ; website

Caminul is a comprehensive & attractive interior design magazine.  It includes topics and recommendations with immediate practical applicability, as well as decoration cover-stories, presented in a easy to track manner.
With an up-market position, Caminul is a guide which provides solutions for decorating the house, according to both latest fashion trends and the reader’s budget.
Among its headings one can find: VIP homes, trend, stop&shop, style lesson; brand story

In almost 12 years of monthly presence on the market Domus has been a constant support and source of information for those sharing an interest towards interior design. Released in 1999, Domus has won and consolidated a leading position on the home & deco segment.
Among its headlines one can find: decorations, cover stories about houses, apartments, baby rooms, kitchens, small spaces, storage solutions as well as shopping sections.

CASA MEA magazine is a useful guide for readers interested in building and restoration of a house, or in gardening. It offers detailed advice starting from choosing the building land and ending with accomplishing the house project.
Among its headings one can find: house presentations, stars houses, international inspiration, buyer’s guide, green house, international inspiration.

Planul Casei Mele was released in 1999 and it provides in-depth analysis of the real-estate market, with a special focus on construction projects. Currently rated as the most trust-worthy source of information from its sector, Planul Casei Mele is the best solution for those who want to keep up to date with real-estate trends & news.
Its headings include: interviews, house project in stages, legislation, architecture lesson, cheap homes projects.

Revista de Unelte si Echipamente is a business to business publication, conceived to bring news and useful information to a segment of the public familiar with the construction industry equipment and construction in general. Being the first Romanian magazine of this kind, RUE has consolidated its position as a standard for both its loyal readers and those who sell or buy or equipment.

The most complete home & deco website in Romania. The platform stands for user-friendly structure, daily updates and interactive communication with the reader, via 2 specialized blogs and a comprehensive forum
Among the sections one can find: inspiration, interior, garden, life style and many more.
Over 1.100.000 hits/month
Over 100.000 unique visitors/month

United Print is one of the Romanian’s biggest printing facilities with a focus on newspapers. Though its emphasis on quality and timely execution it has a portfolio of long-term clients such as:  Romania libera, Rl Supplements, Academia Catavencu, Gazeta Sporturilor, CanCan, 7 Plus, Fanatik,  Taifasuri, and other products.

Corporate Media Publishing is a full service branding and communication agency.
The company creates, edits and produce all media necessary for today’s companies. From employee magazine to annual reports, CMP has a vast experience in finding solution to corporate media needs.
The company holds specialized divisions for custom publishing, creative, media planning & buying; and corporate events.

Real Estate


Unirea Shopping Center is a shopping center with 2 locations, in Bucharest and Brasov.Unirea Shopping Center Bucharest is Bucharest’s most centrally located shopping center. Next to Unirea metro station and with an own 9-storey parking it offers maximium convenience for shoppers. Its total commercial area is of 60000 sqm and currently hosts more than 260 shops on 4 floors. Supplimentary amenities include a casino, a fitness center and a newly opened food court. USC Bucharest is a long-standing shopping destination for everybody.

USC Brasov has been opened in April 2008 in the center of Brasov next to the central train station. The shopping center hosts major retailers as tenants on 3 floors. Its modern design will offer shopping convenience at its best making it a highly attractive future destination for shoppers.


IBC Modern is a top-class office building in the heart of Bucharest offering high-quality office space over more than 8000 sqm. Its long-standing tenants include the Bucharest Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange Depository Company, Piraeus Bank, Romexterra Bank and financial investment companies such as: Tradeville, Romcapital, Confident Invest.

City Bisiness Center is an A-class office building with more than 14000 sqm of gross leasable area. Located centrally in Bucharest on Blvd. Unirii it is host to several international firms like UniCredit, Libra Bank, Freudenberg Household Products and also a Snack Attack bar for the building’s employees.


Adasped is a logistics center in the south of Bucharest next to Popesti-Leordeni. The site of 7 ha offers satisfactory logistics solutions to its clients. It is among the few logisitics centers that offer an on-site customs checkpoint.

ICSIM is a logistics center in the east of Bucharest. The site of 10 ha is home to an array of logistics companies that want to be closet o the city center.


Bucov Green Park is located just 10 minutes away from the center of Ploiesti, in the village of Bucov, near “Constantin Stere” Park.  Near the town of Ploiesti, situated near to Ploiesti’s most beautiful park, Green Park Bucov offers 100 ha of oasis with fresh air and peace to those who want to escape from the urban agglomeration. The complex offers 84 new built houses, either grouped or individually, with a modern design that offers a comfortable way of life.


ASTRA NOVA SECURITY is a full-line provider of security services. From technical surveillance systems to personalized guard services, ANS delivers its clients what they look for to put their minds at ease.
ASTRA NOVA SECURITY operates around the country in many important cities.
ASTRA NOVA SECURITY offers the newest equipments in the field of security and signaling systems that belongs from the latest generation, furnishing your safety and your tranquility.


Megaconstruct is a gas supplier and vendor in several concessions in Romania. It is serving retail as well as corporate clients and offers solution for projections and executions of gas pipeline works.


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